Respite Care

Respite care by definition, is short-term temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home. Quite often the family caregiver feels it would be impossible to take a break or take a vacation from caring for their loved one. Whether it is a planned time off or an emergency that crops up last minute there can be a sense of helplessness with no one to turn to.

Our Oregon agency is available to step in and provide the care needed, whether once in a great while, or on a regular basis. Families select what works best for them, when, and what is needed so they can have that vital break. Options include anything from a few days a month, to daily checks, to hourly around-the-clock care.

Our staff at At Home Care By Onyx can aide in the planning of services and help the family caregiver feel comfortable with the expertise of staff stepping in when they are gone. It’s proven that family caregivers who do not get a break from providing care are much more likely to develop their own health problems due to not taking time for themselves. In order for the caregiver to continuously provide quality support to their loved one, it is imperative that they plan for some relief. A break will refresh the caregiver and enable them to give freely of themselves upon their return.

Families may contact our agency at any time to set up a care plan conference and decide what is best for your situation. Once in place, there is only the need for a quick update to the plan of care as needed. The family provider will find that this is an invaluable service. Call today for details